Namaste from Pondicherry, India

Beautiful Ripple Yoga Community!

It is the rainy season here in southern India.  We actually had a small cyclone (hurricane) and since our rooms are open one 3 sides with just some slats in the windows, everything got wet.  Furniture, bedding, clothes, everything.  It took 4 days to dry out and then it continued to rain, but at the least there was no wind.  I am sure that in the past week we have had more volume in rain than Seattle gets in an entire year!  It rains that hard.

In our practice, we are working very diligently on learning how each asana, kriya, mudra and pranayama technique are not just for the physical body, as we are often led to believe in the west.  Most everything we do in Yoga has a mental and emotional aspect as well and these mental and emotional aspects are FAR more important than the physical.  For example, camel pose (ustrasana) is specifically designed to bring awareness to the diaphragm, how it works, strengthening it for expanded lower lung capacity and therefore better breathing.  Expanded lower lung capacity brings more oxygen to the lower extremities of the body and all the organs below the solar plexis which is most of the digestive system and the reproductive organs.  So if we want to know the real anatomy of Yoga, we move away from the muscle and skeletal system and we study, learn and become aware of what we are doing to our organs, glands and nervous system.  That is where the real Yoga occurs in the physical body.  We bend our spine and lift our heart to make this happen and exaggerate this process.  The fact that our spine can open and expand is the third, fourth or fifth level of importance on the list of what Camel Pose does for us.  We are also, in every posture, to attempt to embody in our minds the shape we are making (in this case a camel) to create unity and oneness with every being in the universe.  This is a very beautiful mental aspect of the practice of asana, and how the Rishis and Gurus of old intended the practice 2,500 years ago.  I am sure they were not concerned with how nice of a backbend they could put on Instagram!!

We will be teaching this methodology for each posture and breathing technique at Ripple Yoga this coming spring!!!  The increased awareness will bring happiness and vitality to our practices.

In this week’s lesson we look at a simple lesson related to Dharma and Karma.  Realize deeply, that everything that has happened to us in our life, good and bad, past, present and future, is of our own doing.  Once this is realized, we take a giant step forward on the spiritual path.  When we become Yogic, we are no longer a victim.  Of anything.  The flip side of this is that we now must accept responsibility for everything in our life.  It is a hard lesson for some.  But trust me, once the lesson is realized, the results are beyond imagination.

Enjoy, keep practicing, keep evolving and so much more to come!!  As always if you have any questions, you can email me directly at  I answer all emails!!!!

In Unity and Love,