Namaste from Pondicherry, India

Beautiful Ripple Yoga Community!

We celebrated my birthday this week at the ashram.  In case you are interested, I turned 39 again.  It is a good age for me!  Many of you may have heard about the flooding in a city named Chennai here in India.  We are about 100 miles south of there and it is the airport we all fly into on arrival.  The city is for the most part underwater, including the airport which looks more like a cruise ship terminal than an airport.  It has rained quite heavily for about 5 weeks.  We are OK here because the water runs off into the ocean.  That being said, the Indian people have a beautiful resilience to this sort of thing; no electric, mass displacement of people from their homes, and the like.  They band together and help each other out, and don’t complain in the process.  I was imaging if something like this happened in a major city in the U.S. how there would be rioting, violence, a tiny percentage of people willing to help others, people lining up as victims to collect their insurance money, people sitting around doing little waiting for a politician to save the day, and then the same politicians trying to work the disaster situation to their advantage for political gain.  Alas, we have a far different society in America.  We, as Yogis, have the opportunity to change the fabric of our country.  We do this by simply practicing and living virtuous lives with Yama and Niyama.

There is a deep lesson here in that we can never change another human being.  We may think that we can, but that is untrue.  We cannot change another person.  Not in a relationship, not a family member, not a friend; Nobody!  But we can change ourselves and by doing so people will notice how we live, how we are at peace with ourselves and have no drama, how we reach out our hand to help others.  And then, they will want to change for themselves.  They will, by law of attraction, seek the virtue that they see in us for themselves, because at the core of every human is this virtue, it is the basis of our internal divine.

Enjoy, keep practicing, keep evolving and so much more to come!!  As always if you have any questions, you can email me directly at  I answer all emails!!!!

In Unity and Love,