Namaste from Pondicherry, India

Beautiful Ripple Yoga Community!

We chant a lot here at the ashram.  Chanting is a form of concentration which can lead to meditative states and it goes way beyond just saying words or repeating them.  In order to chant properly we must have intent and a clear understanding of the words.  When we chant, we chant in Sanskrit.  This is considered the oldest language of mankind and all of the old yogic literature is written in this language including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the basis of the Yoga that I am studying here.  When we translate Sanskrit, it is necessary to use many English words because the language has such deep meaning.  The language also carries the vibration and energy of its age, which is why we speak it both chanting and when we lead Yoga practices.  I find it interesting to compare with modern language, like English, where a lot of the words have lost their meaning, their vibration and their power.  English has become cheapened, mostly due to advertising the effect of uncontrolled capitalism.  I was noticing that just before I left for India, everything was “epic” and that we are ingrained in our societal attitudes to always try to come up with a better word for the best to either describe our experience or in the case of advertising, to sell something.  The effect of this is that there is a mass misunderstanding of what words mean, and it is obvious by the mess that communication has become in the world.  People have ever increasing difficulty on how to communicate properly because words have lost their original meaning!!!

The lesson this week then is what can we do as Yogis to help this language dislinkin our everyday life?  We practice the Yama Satya, which is often translated as truth, but is closer to “Reality”.  And part of Satya is to practice correct language and language use, because if we are using incorrect language other than originally intended, then we are on the wrong side of Satya.  We choose our words as carefully as we choose our thoughts and then our actions will follow.  And with all Yamas and Niyamas, others are then attracted to our virtuous behaviors and we change the fabric of our surroundings!

Enjoy, keep practicing, keep evolving and so much more to come!!  As always if you have any questions, you can email me directly at  I answer all emails!!!!

In Unity and Love,