Namaste from Pondicherry, India

Beautiful Ripple Yoga Community!

We began the 2 week course in Yantra this week.  Yantra is the study of number, shapes and forms and the energy of them and how they work in the universe.  It is a fascinating topic and we will be doing Yantra workshops and courses at Ripple Yoga when I return in just over 30 days!!!

We calculate our Yantra numbers from our birth date, and the primary Yantra number is our Dharma or responsibilities in this lifetime.  We are in our lives to learn the lessons of the Universe and to burn Karma.  This balance, and sometimes friction, between Dharma and Karma is always with us.  We cannot escape it!

We then have Yantra numbers that are secondary based on the different stages of our life and annual Karma cycles with a different number.  So for example, I am an 8 birth path.  The numbers go from one to nine.  As an 8 birth path, my Dharma is to be successful.  That does not have to mean material success, although it is often associated with materiality.  So to put it another way, my responsibility is to learn the lessons associated with success in this lifetime and to try to succeed at whatever it is I do.  Dharma works in reverse, so in my last lifetime I was a 9 and in the next I will be a 7.  We are given every opportunity to learn all the lessons throughout our life down to the #1 at which point if we have learned all the lessons, we are released from the disease of constant rebirth and granted Moksha, reuniting with the divine!  It is a fascinating topic and belief system, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone in the wonderful Ripple Yoga community.

Enjoy, keep practicing, continue evolving and so much more to come!!  As always if you have any questions, you can email me directly at  I answer all emails!!!!

In Unity and Love,

Yogi Gary