Namaste from Pondicherry, India

Beautiful Ripple Yoga Community!

Time is flying by here in India and I am so looking forward to being back in Seattle and reuniting with the community.  Know that I am there in spirit and energy and that my teachings are flowing through the wonderful teaching team at the studio.

I have some wonderful and exciting news to share with all of you.  As part of my Sadhana here in India, I squeezed in the time to write a book.  This book will be released in the next 30-60 days in electronic format and then in paperback sometime over the summer.  It is the story of my spiritual journey.  As some of you know, 7 years ago next Wednesday is the date that I quit drinking.  It is also the time that I was so close to death that I am very lucky to be alive.  I decided at that point, with the help from my higher self that my life was for some reason worth living, only I didn’t really believe it, because I had been trying to kill myself for about 2 years.  But I had a tiny belief and stayed alive long enough not only to recover from severe alcoholism, but to figure out my purpose in life, which is to teach yoga and to share my story in the hope that others may benefit.

But the story is not just about alcoholism and recovery.  It is about the spirit going from empty to full, it is about yoga and how yoga found me, how yoga teaching found me and how I built the studio.  It is about mending relationships and overcoming life’s difficulties.  It is about the lessons of two spiritual programs, recovery and Yoga, and how they are oh-so similar.  And it is about the 6 month journey I have been blessed to have here in India.  I am very excited to share it with the world, and of course all of you dear students at Ripple Yoga.

Enjoy, keep practicing, continue evolving and so much more to come!!  As always if you have any questions, you can email me directly at  I answer all emails!!!!

In Unity and Love,

Yogi Gary