Hello Beautiful Community!
As part of the initiation to the Paramparya (Lineage) here at the Ashram, we were given the option of changing our name to a spiritual name that fits our Dharma and also has the energy of Yantra that fits our Dharma.  The name is chosen by our Gurus and assigned in a ceremony called Namakhara.  We completed this ceremony on Sunday and I am now named Sarvesh Naagari!!
Sarvesh literally means “Master of All, Lord of the Universe” and is associated with Lord Shiva. This name is a beautiful reminder of humility as every time that it is used I am reminded to be humble as the true way to master our universes in through humility and grace. The name’s energy is that of a responsible, tactful, kind human who brings out responsibility through transformation. The last name means “One who is with the people, a civilized communicator” and also is associated with the language of the Gods in the Hindu tradition. I will begin using this name as a teacher and as an author.  In the studio, you may simply refer to me as “Sarvesh”.
Om Shanti!