Arm balances are fun!  A good starting arm balance is crow pose (bakasana).  To set this up, place the hands flat on the ground shoulder width with the knees high up near the armpits.  From there look about a foot in front of your hands and keep the eyes there.  Begin to bend the elbows and everything will start to come forward.  From there, lift one foot off the ground at a time.  Starting in this shape, the knees may be on the triceps but eventually, they will be in free air with the strength of the core holding the posture.  This posture requires a lot of core strength for the balance and the quads need to be stretched and warmed as they tend to cramp if not warmed up.  Build core strength by planking and leg lifting as we routinely teach at the studio!

In Unity and Love,

Sarvesh (Gary)

* – Photo taken at the University St steps, Seattle, WA