Yoga Therapy – Foot Problems

If your feet are tight and sore or suffer from afflictions such as Plantar Fasciitis, these postures are for you.  Veera Vajrasana (Shown in the picture) has been known to correct this condition.  This also helps alleviate foot cramps and tightness from shoes, especially high heels.  Keeping the feet healthy is important for physical and nervous system (energetic) reasons.  The feet are the terminus points for nerve endings of the organs and the spine and we have to walk on them for the rest of our lives!  Other postures that help with the feet are sitting hips to heels (Vajrasana) and sitting with the shoelace of one foot in the arch of the other hips to heels (Ekakin Vajrasana).  The latter is particularly helpful for organ cleansing and rejuvenation.  Sitting in hips to heels is also good for preventing and correcting circulation problems in the legs below the knees and stretching out the ankles, which can get quite stiff.  So remember, healthy feet, happy life!In Unity and Love,

Sarvesh (Gary)

* – Photo taken at Niagara Falls, NY