Asana Practice – Proper Chaturunga

During Vinyasa Flow practice we often move from high plank to Chaturunga (low plank) and then to upward facing dog.  In this flow, it is important that we perform the transition from high plank to low plank properly so as to keep the shoulders, wrists and elbows healthy while maximizing the benefit of the shape.  From high plank externally rotate the forearms.  This will move the shoulders down the spine and allow the elbows to pin to the sides of the body rather than stick out away from the body.  Come down 90 degrees at the elbows.  (See picture of Kim above).  There should be a straight line of energy from the heels to the crown of the head.  Then lift into upward facing dog!  It is really that simple.  To modify, drop the knees.  See you on the mat!

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