Welcome to the Winter 2018 Get FitCleanse Challenge. 

For 6 weeks, utilize the beauty and strength of Yoga to get fit and get cleansed for the New Year.  There is no better way to start 2018!

The challenge is a six week journey into a commitment to a better you!  We will explore the science of Yoga as a means to get stronger, more disciplined, more flexible, more serene and develop a beautiful sense of community and teamwork with the other participants in the challenge and the Ripple Yoga community.  Yoga will allow us to expand and explore the beautiful love of the self and the release of all the energies that are not serving our greatest good, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.

During the six weeks, we will experience the beauty of growth and discipline together as we practice our Tapas, or internal fire, that drives us to be the best version of self that we can be each day.  The expansion of self will manifest its beauty in every part of our life and make us more efficient and calm on our path to health and happiness.

Our 6 week challenge include:

  • 6 private classes taught by Sarvesh that are specifically designed and targeted to maximize cleansing, strengthening and harmonizing the entire body, mind and nervous system.  These private classes will be held once a week (Saturday morning at 9:00 am) and will only be open to participants in the cleanse.
  • Structured diet guidance to meet your goals including a weekend juice cleanse.
  • Unlimited membership to Ripple Yoga during the 6 weeks of the challenge.
  • Personalized practice recommendations from Sarvesh based on your goals.
  • Partner program for accountability to practice.
  • Contest for some friendly competition with a one month membership as the prize.

The FitCleanse Challenge starts on January 13th 2018 at 9:00 am!  Just $199 to join.  Space will be limited so reserve your spot!



If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at 206-491-7778 and speak to Sarvesh or email us at info@rippleyoga.com