Upcoming Workshops

Pranayama – Awareness and Practices

November 18th, Noon

Conscious breath is the key to your practice. In this two hour workshop, we will teach the anatomy of the respiratory system to develop awareness of how it works in our bodies, the benefits of increasing lung capacity both in Yoga and our day to day lives and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Pranayama. Prana means energy and Yama is to control or restrain, and over 80% of our energy comes from breath. Over 80% of the disposal of toxins also comes from breath, yet everyone, yes everyone is a shallow breather. Gary more than doubled his lung capacity in just 4 months of practice in India, and in doing so has advanced his asana and other practices beyond his wildest imagination. Practicing asana without proper breathing is like cleaning your apartment with a toothbrush!! Expanded breathing leads to better health greater lung capacity is preventive to disease, a more relaxed nervous system and a calmer mind. We just feel better. After a one hour discussion, we will explore one hour of Pranayama techniques including exploration of the different sections of the lungs and awareness of sectional breathing and other techniques utilizing asana to expand lung capacity. As always, if you have any questions you can email at gary@rippleyoga.com.  Register Here

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

December 9th, Noon

Join Sarvesh in this journey into the mind and understand the underlying causes and conditions of stress and anxiety, the physiology and anatomy of stress and anxiety and how Yoga can help both alleviate and eventually eliminate the conditions.  Dig it up by the root cause and throw it away because it is not serving our greatest good, and return ourselves to a happy state of being.  Happiness and health are our birthrights, so let’s keep them.  Workshop includes a one hour stress release practice, a take home presentation with practical tips and guidance on stress reduction and elimination.  Register Here.





Emotional Re-Balancing, the Program for Happiness

“I immediately benefited from the breathing work taught in the first session. I was waking up every night at 3am with anxiety. This stopped immediately with regular practice of the breath work. This program has changed my view of my yoga practice. Instead of seeing it as a workout, I see a much deeper meaning where my practice on the mat translates to working through my daily life. Gary offers education on the yamas, niyamas, and Kleshas that helped me to work through my daily anxiety and understand deeper root causes. His teaching approach is practical and without judgment. This program helped me create a massive shift in managing my anxiety and stress and I am grateful for the learnings.” ~ Student at Ripple Yoga

Happiness and Health are our birthrights!!  While all of us have the same brain, we all have different circumstances in our lives which effect the way that we think, react and respond to our daily lives.  We are born with, what in Yoga, are called Kleshas.  They are ignorance, ego, likes, dislikes and survival instinct.  All of our sensory inputs are filtered through the Kleshas and our social conditioning (past experiences and teachings) to form our thought patterns.  These thought patterns mostly stem from the subconscious and are repeated based on our day to day life experiences.  They can be very difficult to change because they cannot be changed with the conscious thought process.  What that means is that we, as human beings, cannot think ourselves out of our existing subconscious thought patterns which dictate most of our lives.

In order to change these thought patterns, we must take action steps that help us to overcome our Kleshas and prior social conditioning.  We essentially replace our old thought patterns and beliefs with new ones, based on action steps, not thoughts.

We apply the same formula for change that has been existent in mankind throughout our evolution.  First, we must be willing to change.  From that willingness, we must believe that we can do so.  Once we believe that we can do so, we make a decision to do so.  And then finally after we make a decision to do so, we take the action steps necessary to change.  These action steps are what changes the subconscious thought patterns of our brain.

In our hectic modern lives, we are bombarded with stimulation that causes us to have overloads of stress, anxiety and other negative and non-serving emotions such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger and many other negative emotions and energies that erode our health and happiness.  The key to eliminating these reaction and response patterns from our life is in the practice of Yoga and Yama-Niyama, and the Yoga Sutras.

Sarvesh has designed a simple program that can take these patterns and first minimize and then eliminate them from our brain cycles.  In eight weeks of Swadiyaya (self-study) under the personal guidance of Sarvesh, you will regain control of your health and happiness by eliminating these negative patterns.

How the program works.  The student meets with Sarvesh one on one for 8 one sessions weekly.  The student is given both a practical program of action in Yama and Niyama that aims to discover and then remove the root cause of the emotional disturbances.  In addition, the student is taught how to self-manage the symptoms through a series of Pranayama techniques.  This is truly a profound process that has positively changed the life of each individual that has performed it.

Tuition for the eight sessions is $500.  See Sarvesh to schedule an appointment.