Sarvesh Naagari (Gary)

Sarvesh is the owner of Ripple Yoga in Seattle, WA.  In his practices, you can expect a beautiful flowing energy that unlocks the secrets of the body, mind and nervous system while simultaneously cleansing and letting go of anything that does not serve our greatest good.  Sarvesh believes that the path to happiness is through the elimination and purification of anything that does not serve our highest nature and he utilizes his extensive training to design fun and invigorating practices to help everyone feel refreshed, cleansed and energized after each practice.

Sarvesh brings his unique and fun style to all class formats including Vinyasa, Hatha, Traditional Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative practices as well as the Lunchtime Yoga and Guided Meditation which he designed specifically to reset our busy days.  We are all small pebbles in the sea of humanity, and one ripple in that sea can change the world.  Be the effect, and feel the effect.  Love is limitless, and only fear prevents us from being all we were meant to be.  Sarvesh is a student of yoga and the spiritual path and is always eager to share his experiences with the beautiful Ripple Yoga community.

Sarvesh studied and completed the 2,000 hour 6-month intensive teacher training program in Pondicherry, India from October 2015 through March 2016.  This beautiful program has been taught continuously for 50 years and Sarvesh is one of only approximately 500 people worldwide to have completed the program.  This lineage is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Swamiji Gitananda, whose teachings were studied at the Ananda Ashram,  was of the North Indian Brighu lineage and also of the Saiva Siddantha Yoga Tradition of South India.  Sarvesh has also completed a 200 hour teacher training course in Seattle, WA and multiple workshops and intensive training sessions to expand his knowledge of Yoga so that he can happily pass it on to the students at Ripple Yoga.  In his studies, he has learned and can teach over 300 asanas, 100 Pranayama techniques, 50 mudras and many techniques of the mind including Pratyahara and meditation.

Sarvesh is also the author of  “20,000 Oms and a Cup of Chai”, an inspirational true story of the spirit that awakens the divine spark within.

He is also a regular contributor to the Seattle Yoga News, Mindful Studio Magazine and the ClassPass blog.  In his spare time, Sarvesh is an avid musician, singer, hockey player and volleyball enthusiast.

For more information on the teachings, click here and the core concepts here.



Kim has been guided progressively toward her practice and teaching for the past 4 years.  She grew up in Boston, MA and moved to Seattle over a year ago where she became a part of the Ripple community as studio manager and reiki practitioner. Her love of yoga sprouted from acquiring training in the spiritual modalities of reiki and herbal medicine.  Her passions and professional background reside in natural healing and caregiving.  Her teaching style carries a gentle approach that facilitates the individual growth (swadhyaya) of each student.  Classes are set in a mandala (circle) formation to represent unity and wholeness.  Through her beginning study of the yoga Sutras, Kim aspires to share these authentic teachings with her community in a safe and nurturing environment.






Sarah is so excited to be part of the Ripple Yoga team! When you attend Sarah’s class expect to take a journey. Sarah believes that every yoga class should have multiple dynamics; start out slow, hit a physical climax then wind down completely with a calming meditation. Sarah was lead to yoga through her love of dance, musical theater and choreography and has now been teaching yoga for just over a year. In addition to Ripple Yoga, Sarah is also involved with the charity organization Street Yoga.







Leah has been practicing yoga for the past eight years and the affect it has on her life continues to inspire and amaze. After completing her 200 hour Teacher Training Program, she felt even more in awe by the effects a yoga practice can create in ones life and the teachings of the Yoga Sutras, and felt compelled to share this as much as possible with others.

Her classes include a steady flow of creative sequencing with time to pause, feel, and listen. She welcomes a wide range of abilities with straightforward and traditional sequencing. Leah encourages students to deepen their experience of yoga and develop awareness through a blend of asana, pranayama, and meditation.  Off the mat, Leah is a textile design artist, as well as an avid nature enthusiast, hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest as much as possible.




Birdie (Ashley)

From the very first yoga class I went to, in Oregon, I knew yoga was going to change my conscious state of mind and well-being forever.  About two and a half years ago, after reading an incredible book called “You Are Here,”  I knew I wanted to become a teacher. So on a whim, in Venice, California, I began my very first teacher training and was blessed to meet two amazing instructors.  With their wonderful holistic approach to all aspects of yoga, it truly allowed me to understand true connection within myself and within others.  This lead me to feel compelled in sharing the light of self love and acceptance with others. I believe it is so essential for our overall health to understand the dynamic of inner connection to ourselves.  This allows us to create more balance in our lives and self awareness within the fast paced world we live in.   After all, being present is the best gift we can give ourselves.  My classes are fluid and sequenced to strengthen and heal the mind and body. They carry the powerful energies of yang within pranayama and each asana, but also the nurturing aspects of yin within meditation.  I like to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, loved and leaves feeling nourished from within.  I absolutely love being out in nature and hiking, but most of all dancing any chance I can get.





Jennifer was introduced to yoga and gifted her first mat by her mother back in 2012. Trained with a background in classical ballet, Jennifer’s classes focus on artistry of movement, proper alignment, hands-on adjustments, humor, and FUN! She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and thinks you don’t have to either :-). Jennifer enjoys teaching all skill-levels, but also has an interest in working with athletes and those with limited flexibility/mobility. In addition to yoga, she enjoys outdoor rock climbing, paddleboarding, weight lifting, and live music.










For me, yoga is a kind of movement meditation. It’s a chance to come into your body and become sensitive to how it moves (or doesn’t). I teach a physical practice that emphasizes body awareness, dynamic postures, and functional movements. My yoga recognizes the body as the foundation of personhood and lived experience. By listening to the body’s experience in everyday life, and practicing intentional movement, we can enrich that experience (or recover from it!). My goal for every class is for everyone to leave the practice feeling better in their bodies than when we started. Smile and Namaste!









Meghan tried yoga for the first time in 2007, with her best friend Charlotte.  She remembers giving Charlotte the side-eye and a quizzical look as the rest of the class chanted “Om” and began their ujjayi breath.  Ten years later, she chants at least once a day, practices multiple breathing techniques, and loves a good sound bath – falling into the stereotype that people truly do get wiser with age.  Meghan is also a Certified Public Accountant.  However, she would much rather put you in a state of yoga bliss than do your taxes.  Meghan is influenced by restorative, mindfulness, kundalini, and bhakti practices. 







Kelly first discovered yoga ten years ago and loved how it flowed harmoniously with the lifestyle she was raised in. Four years ago she felt called to evolve her practice from practitioner to teacher and flew off to Spain for a month to take part in her 200hr teaching intensive. From there she became certified in Kid’s Yoga, initiated in First Degree Reiki and continues to educate herself in new ways to improve her practice. Her classes are based on a foundation of ahimsa and mindfulness. Besides leading classes she has also used her education to bring yoga to schools where she leads programs focused on self love and body positivity.

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