Ripple Yoga will begin to offer yoga workshops specifically designed for different types of athletes!  Our first class series will be specially designed for volleyball players.  If you play volleyball, come check it out.

Are you a volleyball player?  If so, then this yoga series is for you.  The volleyball series at Ripple yoga is a 4 week workshop specially designed for volleyball players.  The owner of the studio, Gary Beebe, is a current indoor and outdoor volleyball enthusiast and former semi professional beach volleyball player, and has taken great care to design a series of yoga classes to benefit volleyball players.  We will work on all key muscle groups and focus on joint health in all the areas where volleyball effects the body.

Why take this series?
Injury prevention.  Yoga has been proven to reduce injury and this series is designed to specifically improve the joints and muscles that are most commonly injured on the court.
Injury healing.  If you have any old or nagging injuries, this series will work to heal them in a natural and safe environment.
Increased performance.  Healthier joints and stronger, leaner and more flexible muscles will lead to increased performance on the court!
You will also learn about how the body is used in volleyball, and receive exercise and stretching information on hos to continue this strengthening and healing program on your own.
The cost is only $99 for four one hour classes starting Saturday March 1st at 10:30 am.
Click on the Sports and Health Series on the home page and then click on “Enrollments”.