Practicing at Ripple Yoga

At Ripple Yoga, we believe that our health and happiness are our birthrights, and all of our classes are designed to keep us strong, vibrant, healthy and happy.  At Ripple Yoga, we feel the effect of our practice in our daily lives.  We practice in a beautiful and comfortable space with small class sizes designed for your personal attention.  No class will have more than 20 students as we believe that this attention to detail allows for a more developed and meaningful teacher/student relationship and a more beautiful community experience.  At Ripple Yoga, you are a not just a another person at a gym, but a human being with a name and a unique being that we personally get to know.  If you are tired and bored of the same old gymnasium “yoga” where playlists, sub-par teaching and hot rooms are substitutes for a real Yoga experience, you will love the atmosphere, the vibe, the teachers and the practice at Ripple Yoga.  Sarvesh, the owner, founder and builder of Ripple Yoga has paid attention to every detail including hiring of teachers and his own personal training, a 2,000 in-depth teacher training in an authentic and vibrant ashram in Southern India.

Our classes, to be experienced……

Vinyasa Yoga (60 Minutes):  Practiced in a warm room (88-90 degrees).  Flowing practice for beginners and advanced practitioners, a combination of stretching, balancing, core and body strengthening, fat burning and cardiovascular exertion.  Mental focus and discipline, integrity and grace in a flowing environment.  Synchronize the breath with movement while moving through a flowing sequence designed to build strength and flexibility while cleansing the body, mind and emotions.

Yin Yoga (75 Minutes):  Room Temperature. A gentle and relaxing, a slow moving, meditative class that focuses on the ligament and connective tissue of the body rather than the yong practices that focus on the muscle groups. Perfect class for restoration of the joints and the spine. Mentally soothing and assists in preventing and healing injury.  Yin is a modality for the cleansing of the joints from the toxins that invade our body from the food we eat and the air we breathe.  Props may be used to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body.  A beautiful practice for releasing the stress and anxiety of city life.

Hatha Yoga (60 Minutes):  Practiced in a warm room (88-90 degrees).  A challenging physical practice that methodically moves the body through a sequence of invigorating postures where we work on alignment, strengthening and fat burning.  Postures are held for longer periods of time than in a flow practice providing mental challenge and the ability to experience the beauty of each Asana.  Hatha practice builds amazing strength and the flexibility that follows and is great in conjunction with our other practices.

Restorative Yoga (60 Minutes):  Room Temperature.  Restore and rejuvenate the mind and body in this relaxing practice.  Unwind the day’s tension and let go of everything that isn’t serving our greatest good in a melting and settling melody of movement.  Truly a great way to release pent up tension, stress and anxiety.  Leave the practice feeling refreshed and ready for whatever lies ahead!

All practices are accessible to all levels, from beginner to advanced.  It is not how flexible you are, it is how the practice makes you feel!  Be the effect.

What Should I Bring to Practice?

Bring a large towel, water or water bottle, and a yoga mat.  We also have a cold filtered water filtration system that we encourage everyone to use to save on plastics.  The studio rents mats and towels for $2.

Membership Options

Whether you are a casual student or a student that practices 3-4 times a week, we have an option that is a fit for you.  We have discounts!  See this page.

Membership Options

Effect Tier One – Unlimited Monthly Yoga – $129.  6 Month Minimum.
Effect Tier Two – 8 Practices per Month, Ideal if You Attend 2x a Week – $99. 6 Month Minimum.
Partner Membership – Unlimited Practices, You and Your Partner – $189.  Must share an address.  6 Month Minimum.
* – Effect Tier 2 can spread their practices throughout the month. Unused classes do not carry over.  You may downgrade at any time with 30 days notice and upgrade at any time.  All options are monthly auto renew, minimum 90 day commitment.
Other Pricing Options
Drop in Class – $20
5 Class Anytime Pack – $79 – Good for 4 months
10 Class Anytime Pack – $139 – Good for 6 months
One Month Unlimited – $139
New Student Special – $20 for 15 Days Unlimited
Continuation of New Student Special – $199 for Two Months Unlimited
* – Class cards are non-refundable but may be transferred at your request.
Our current schedule is displayed live on our home page!

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