Stepping on the Yogic Path – The 2019 Ripple Yoga Teacher Training

In Case You Missed the 2018 Teacher Training!

Download the Full 2019 Curriculum Here:  2019 RY Teach Training Curriculum

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Hi! My name is Sarvesh.

Are you ready to step on the Yogic path to richer, fuller life experience?  To take your practice and Yoga knowledge to the next level?  To then take that knowledge and experience, that wisdom, and pass it on to others who seek to Yogic way?

Then welcome to a life enriching and life enhancing experience that will unlock and unleash the profound beauty of your soul.  The Ripple Yoga Teacher Training is the most unique and comprehensive training in the Pacific Northwest.  Over the past 50 years, Sarvesh is one of only approximately 500 people to complete the 2,000 hour teacher training program in Pondicherry, India and has taken that program as the foundation for the Ripple Yoga Teacher Training program.  By living Yoga, we become Yoga.  Yoga is not about sequencing and techniques, it is about the entire human experience with the beauty and grace of the underlying Yoga philosophy, and from that the techniques flow from the source as fresh snow melts off the mountaintop.

The Ripple Yoga teacher training requires no prior Yoga experience and is a step by step building process leading up to over 200 Asanas (physical poses) and 50 Pranayama techniques (breathing), meditation techniques, sensory control techniques, cleansing practices, Yoga therapy and a deep and meaningful understanding and practice of Yoga philosophy which will allow the teacher to guide many styles of practices including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga.

2018 Teacher Training

The Ripple Yoga Teacher Training Program has been developed to both transform ourselves into our personal best and also prepare us to teach yoga on a deep and meaningful level that will enhance the student experience beyond just Asana.  The course is steeped in the practices that Sarvesh (Gary) studied and learned during his 6-month stay in the Ashram in Pondicherry, India.  In addition, the course includes Sarvesh’s extensive experience from his 2,000 hours of teaching Yoga and tailors the entire curriculum to teach authentic Yoga effectively to the Western culture.  Whether you are looking to teach Yoga or take your personal practice and spiritual development to a new level, the Ripple Yoga Teach Training Program may be for you.

During this 4 month program, we will expand the consciousness through the application and study of the Eight Limbs of Yoga as outlined by Maharishi Patanjali by way of the Yoga Sutras and the techniques of Swamiji Gitananda Giri, the Lion of Pondicherry.  We will study and understand the meaning of Tantra, Yantra and Mantra and its applications in the practice of Yoga.

Yogasadhaka Sarvesh Naagari (Gary) in India

Once the trainee has completed the Ripple Yoga teacher training program, the trainee will receive a teaching certificate outlining the accomplishments of the program.  The teacher will be able to competently teach and lead many styles of classes including Vinyasa Power and Flow, Hatha, Restorative, Traditional Yoga as taught at Ripple Yoga and Yin Yoga.  Additional teacher trainings will not be required to teach these different styles of classes.  The trainess will also be well versed in the 8 limbs of Yoga as outlined by Maharishi Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, over 200 Asanas, 50 Pranayama techniques, anatomy of the human body and mind, the Chakras, multiple upper level practices in Pratyahara (sensory control), Dharana (concentration) and Dyana (meditation), basic Sanskrit reading skills, Yantra (the Yogic science of name and number) and Mantra (chanting).

The course is a combination of weekend study and participation in regular classes in the studio during the week and is under the direction of Yogasadhaka Sarvesh Naagari.

“I have completed two teacher trainings, one 200 hour program here in the United States and the 2,000 hour 6 month program at the ashram in India.  Both experiences I would rate as a top-5 experience in my life that were full of personal enrichment, growth and challenges.  The experience of a Yoga teacher training fills the soul with an unmatched beauty and self-awareness that I have not been able to duplicate with other experiences.  The trainees bond into a team and help support each other and rise to the occasions on the challenging path of self discovery.”

~ Sarvesh Naagari, Owner, Ripple Yoga.

Download the Full 2019 Curriculum Here:  2019 RY Teach Training Curriculum

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Course Curriculum, all hours are approximate.

  • Study of the Yoga Sutras, Yoga Philosophy and Setting the Foundation – 20 hours
  • Offsite Studies, the Deeper Self – 5 days over one long weekend
  • Yoga Practice, Building Strength, Flexibility and Growth Through the Physical Practice – 100 hours

    The Ashram Entrance. We are HAPPY!
  • Pranayama, Connecting the Breath to the Soul – 40 hours
  • Yantra, the Yogic study of name and number – 6 hours
  • Yama and Niyama – The Emotional Rebalancing Program– 10 hours
  • Upper level practices (Pratyahara, Samyama), Going Beyond – 20 hours
  • Physical, Emotional and Mental Cleansing (Shat Karmas) – 20 hours
  • Mantra, The Power of the Voice and the Vibration of the Universe – 15 hours
  • Basic Sanskrit, Learning the Divine Language – 4 hours
  • Teaching Philosophy, Including Class Styles and Sequencing, The Seat of the Teacher – 20 hours
  • Business of Yoga, Hey Hey We Get Paid to Do This! – 2 hours
  • External Reading, Study and Writing, Quiet Reflection – 30 hours
  • Karma Yoga, Service to Others – 10 hours

The total course is between 250 and 300 hours.  The training certificate will be for 300 hours.

Anatomy – note that anatomy is taught concurrent with the entire course where applicable.  We focus on the anatomy of circulatory system, the respiratory system, the endocrine system, the musco-skeletal system and the nervous system and the brain.

Offsite information

We will move offsite for a 6 day stay where we will continue with course curriculum but also complete some of the shat karmas, fasting, periods of Mauna (silence), extended Mantra and meditation.  The location will be within an easy drive from Seattle.  Lodging in this space is not included in the tuition but is expected to be about $500 per person for the 4 nights.  We will go from a Tuesday to Monday in May.

Program Dates

Teacher Training will begin with an orientation session on March 15th, 2019 at 7:00 pm and then begin on March 16th 2019.

  • See curriculum for weekend dates.  We meet on Saturday’s for 6 hours and Sunday’s for 3 hours for 10 weekends between March 16th and June 30th.
  • Trainees will be required to practice at the studio a minimum of 3 times per week as part of the training for a total of 50 practices
  • During breaks from in session training students will be required to practice a Yogic lifestyle and study, learn and write about their interpretations of Yoga literature.


$3,250.  Includes unlimited practice at Ripple Yoga during the course.  Lodging costs during the offsite are not included but are expected to be approximately $500 per person. Tuition can be paid up front or in 3 or 4 monthly payments.  Tuition books the trainee into all other sessions and workshops at the studio during the training program.  Reserve Your Spot Here.

Application Process

Please contact Sarvesh (Gary) either by phone at 206 491 7778 or email to begin the application process.  We recommend that you practice at the studio to familiarize yourself with the culture, the community and the teachings.  You may place a deposit to hold your reservation here.

Sarvesh at the Ashram in India
 Teacher Training FAQ
1.  Is this course certified by Yoga Alliance?  Please note that Yoga Alliance does not provide certifications.  They are a registry and as an organization they provide basic guidelines for teacher training programs.  The Ripple Yoga teacher training program far exceeds the Yoga Alliance guidelines.  Registering with YA is not required to teach yoga however certain studios do require registration.  Ripple Yoga itself does not require Yoga Alliance registration to teach.
2.  I have no intention of teaching, is this program right for me?  Absolutely.  This program is designed for both students wishing to teach and students wishing to take their practice and self awareness to a new level.
3.  Where is the training held?  The training will be held entirely at the Ripple Yoga location in South Lake Union, with the exception of the 5 day offsite.
4.  Is any Yoga experience required?  No!  The teacher training is a step by step process that can be taken by someone completely new to Yoga.
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